Gallery Hop Group Show

Saturday, September 6th, my frame shop and art studio was transformed into a group show I organized to coincide with Chattanooga's annual Gallery Hop experience. There are a number of fantastic artists in the area I've been wanting to work with and used the event as an opportunity to bring us all together. My attempt at inoculating our growing petri dish of disparate creative cells. Many thanks to everyone involved. The preparators, the artists, the appreciators, the beer drinkers, and zine readers! 

From L-R: Christina Vogel, Shane Darwent, Amy Johnson, Shane Darwent, Ron Buffington,
& Lauren Ruth

Foreground Sculpture: Shane Darwent

Phillip Andrew Lewis & Anna Queen

 L-R: Anna Queen, Aggie Toppins, Raymond Padron (x2)

Zines by Aggie Toppins &The Unofficial Press

Orange Hat by Granola Products, White Gloves by Museum Glass!

Bro Time

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