Cafe or Espresso my Friend?

Just down the street and around the corner from the wood shop I work at is a sweet little french cafe and patisserie. Upon entering the doors of the Richol Bakery one is overcome by the aroma of tantalizing tarts, croissants, and fresh baked bread. I have become quite close to the fellas down at Richol and even if I don't want to indulge my sugar or caffeine habits I still find myself stopping in for a good high five and a smile.

There wasn't much by way of decoration on the walls except toward the back of the cafe was this fantastically weird, life-size painting of a really short cowboy(really, its true). He looked lonely back there all by himself so I asked the fellas if they wouldn't mind me hanging some of my photographs, you know, to keep our vaquero company. I am still working through an edit of black and white work from the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee so I decided to hang a selection from the series.

So if you find yourself on the bustlin' and multi-cultural corner of Atlantic and Nostrand Ave in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, please stop in for a pastry and a teleport to Tennessee. Tell em Shane sent ya.

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Kermit said...

Awesome Shaners - wish I was in NY to go see them in person!