Photographs I Wish I'd Taken - #1

Jason Lazarus
Wall of Fire, Labor Day, 2006 (Cleavland, OH)
28 x 40 archival pigment print

Ok folks, I'm back with new feature I am calling, Photographs I Wish I'd Taken. The story behind our first image is as follows:

For the past 11 months, and for just a short two weeks to come, I have been working at a frame shop in Brooklyn, seeing some pretty fantastic work come and go. Just this past weekend, a friend of mine came through to drop off the piece you see above. Thats it. I don't really know the story behind the actual image, but after mining Jason Lazarus's website over the past few days I have found a myriad of intriguing images. Shocking in their quietness. Loaded little suckers. This, by the same artist who made a picture of the top of a tree that Anne Frank would have looked out on while hiding. Brilliant stuff.

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