A MakeWork ShoutOut!

Never before has working for myself felt so real and exciting. This week has been filled a variety of tasks, most of which make me feel very lucky to be doing what I am.

I started the week by preparing lil' tests of different collage and transfer techniques to bring up to Saint Andrews Sewanee School where I will be doing some workshops in conjunction with the show that I have up there right now... http://www.sasweb.org/sasgallery/index.aspx

I also got to start thinking about my next show that will happen in Raleigh this winter. I sent out some emails to some sweet book artists that I will collaborate with on some pieces for this show and also made my first public sculpture mock up in hopes of making my first public sculpture to coincide with the show...

And last but not least, I am printing, framing, crating and shipping some work for a show at the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Wyoming. The idea for the show is to exhibit the past Ucross Residency residents as some sort of retrospective for that rad cattle ranch that cradles an art residency gem on the rolling prairie . Below are a couple of images in the show that I have not printed until now...

Thanks CreateHere, for helping me to focus my attention on my work. I still pinch myself everyday.

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