Back from the Hills with new tricks up my sleeve

I have been back from the sweet, misty-mountain that is the Penland School of Crafts, for about a week. Thanks to my good pal Mark Boyd, who among other things, runs the photo studio there, I was able to assist a guru in the field of alternative process photography. Scott, not to be confused with Vince, McMahon was such an incredible force. He came down from Pennsylvania on his way to a residency in New Mexico equipped with his own inflatable cactus, chili pepper, and some pretty rad chili pepper lights that hung above our picnic table while we wound down and around each evening. Between helping Scott with the demos and cleaning crusty Cyanotype brushes I managed to make a few prints myself.

3 color Gum Bichromate of a structure on a playground in
Hale County, Alabama

Gum Bichromate over a Cyanotype of my best Dali meets Weston image

Cyanotype of a Deer Family in Eastern Tennessee

Cyanotype on some nice handmade paper by Jenna from the
kick ass paper class happening next door

Let your eyes adjust on this Anthotype, which was my favorite process from the two weeks. This is a sheet of paper coated in Crape Myrtle blossoms that has been exposed through a positive transparency in the sun for about 3 1/2 days. The sun bleaches out all of the areas that let the light through while the color remains in the blocked out areas.... ...MAGIC!

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MB said...

gee, how 'bout that? i had an idea that actually worked out for once! glad you came, you were a lifesaver and i KNEW the class itself had possibilities for you. great images. keep on working, good luck at Sewanee