Why it Matters

My good buddy Andrew gave me a book the other day that should have been in my library a long time ago. In the introduction to William Eggleston's Guide, John Szarkowski contemplates wether or not the art of Eggleston's photographs lies in the places that he has turned his camera on, or if it lies in his interpretation of that place. Having spent a great deal of time on the road last year I had the chance to witness the magnificent museum of irony that is America. And at countless junctions I was greeted by those moments where people, place, and nature collide in a way that made me feel both grounded in my role here today and anxiously curious and concerned for tomorrow. Like Eggleston, I feel compelled to capture this world as it is before me and to pay homage to it's countless artful creations. Through the interface of art I am able to share my passion for our world with those around me. Through art and I am able to breathe a full breath.

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