Painted Prints in Progess

WARNING! If you have an aversion to bad digital images you might not want to look at this post. I know, this is getting old, and yes, I am a photographer, but I shoot in film, and while I am soooo thankful to have a lil' digital point and shoot I do think this thing is from the 80's, really.

Anyway, thought it would be nice to share a couple of images of the painted prints, pre print. For those just tuning in, what I call painted prints are my attempt to remember the color/atmosphere of a place from my travels from last years. I start out by painting the scene and then I digitally print the original black and white photograph over the top, hopefully in register. I keep getting closer to what I think I am trying to find, in particular, the skies. So yup - real excited to print on these, probably tomorrow... wish me luck. Oh, and check back for the results sometime soon.

a somewhat wintery wyoming scene

some of you folks might recognize this one

a behind the scenes glimpse of our mud room turned studio

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