The Saftel Spread

I have been working outside of Pikeville, TN, or Packvel as I have begun callin' it, for the painter Andy Saftel a couple days a week since I moved to Chattanooga all the way back in late December. I met him in my last waning days at Penland and tuned into his studio assistant needs that in some ways propelled our move to the southeastern part of this here god blessed state. Andy does pretty damn well for himself and it has been great to see someone support themselves, and others, off of what they love to do. Anyway.... been house sittin for him while he is down in Mexico printing a multiblock wood cut that I helped him carve earlier this year. Elspeth and I feel like we get to try out this truly adult existence while he is gone, picking greens from his garden, drying clothes on his line, and even working a bit in his studio. These shots are from last fall when I spent a week working with him. Just a glimpse into the timeless world of the north Sequatchie Valley.

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