Some Southern Color, Volume 1

Currently working on scanning some of the color film I shot last fall in Lousiana. Little bit of New Orleans, Lafayette, and Grand Coteau for y'all with a hankering.

From what I have learned since, this wild man from the By Water in New Orleans plays music with a group called the Jazz Vipers. Here, he installs a post for a chain link fence.

My girlfriend and I spent a night in Lafayette at her sister Aaron's apartment. I don't remember how we became witness to her amazing closet but in that sweet morning light I just had to capture the rainbow.

An old fast food restaurant turned tax center turned vacant.

Painting the white house white, next to the UL campus.

This is Edward with the flag from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau on a muggy September afternoon.

1 comment:

AARON said...

lovely... you captured edward quite well. i want to show him this!

...and you should see my closet now, shane.