Process: WOOD II

Are We There Yet?
Wood w/ paint and inkjet prints

This piece is in a show opening tonight at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym called, Process: WOOD II. 
I finished it almost a year ago to date, right when my girlfriend Elspeth and I moved back from Brooklyn. We spent the our first two weeks back in Tennessee at my old boss / mentor /  dear friends home and studio in rural Pikeville. I initially made this as a mock up for a public sculpture here in Chattanooga. That hasn't happened yet but I haven't given up hope. Till then, I'm happy to give it legs in other venues. This piece also happens to have been what I was working on while getting news of my grandmother Sheila Darwent, aka Shoolie's passing from a heart attack. Hopefully she's got a nice glimpse of things from her Scenic Overlook...

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