Maggie Crane says, "Welcome back to the South"

After spending the past year living and working in Brooklyn, my lady and I came back home. We learned much about the ways of the world up there, but we are both southern birds and could not stay away for long. 

Elspeth and I have been in a state of transition since mid-August. We have spent the months wandering the South, seeing friends and family as we attend one wedding after another. At each juncture we are reminded of why we chose to come back yonder way.

Take Mrs. Maggie Crane for example. Just the other day I was getting some work done on my truck before yet another road trip, and decided to wander the streets of Hiawassee, GA while I waited. I had my digital camera out, just taking a few shots of this and that when I came across this colorful oasis. Striped socks were drying out on the line of her faded pink house, an Angel Trumpet bush towered near the steps, and a plastic owl nestled underneath an old satellite antenna. North Georgia's version of Feng Shui. Not shy of attention, she welcomed me into her yard, and offered me good company and conversation. With it came insight into the history of place and the county's best gossip. Mrs. Maggie Crane is a true charmer and an ambassador of all the strange reasons I love it here.

The Angel Trumpet that once graced the pages of the Towns Co. Sentinal Newspaper

The welcome mat of the auto shop, and also the motto on their business cards

Advertising at its finest.


Ann Tindell Keener said...

You know it don't get no better. Welcome back.

Unknown said...

Awww, Hiawassee, such charm! Love getting a glimpse into your world Shaners, love Tash