Merriment and Mayhem in our Makeshift Museum

Jackson Emmer channeling the spirits with Holden Mystery Man Cello looking downright scared

It was a beautiful evening at Artifact. I rehung a bunch of my work from the series Coming Soon that I had just driven back from Missouri. Me ole comrade Luke Padgett showed an amazing project called Towering Waves about his time spent climbing and working on our all knowing, all seeing cellular towers as well as a damn fine short film on Artifacter himself Eric Eugene Smith. And my buddy Jackson Emmer along with his dog Willoughby and his new cello stand in Holden started off an evening of inspiring tunes, followed by Chattanooga's own Colville St. Can Crackers and the Bonfire of Vanities with non other than Lando Killrissian on banjo. Sorry if we missed ya. Lets do it again soon shall we...

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