Installation Views

Below are a few shots of my new exhibition, Coming Soon, currently on view at Columbia College, Missouri. Of course I took the uncharged battery for the camera and about halfway through taking some pics the camera died. So you will have to imagine another 30' wall with more collages, paintings, and photographs that is not pictured below. Hopefully this gives a good idea for the show though.

If you are curious, the yellow tags that line the top of the long gallery wall are from my collection of Little Tree car air freshener packages. A year ago my girlfriend and I moved to Brooklyn, NY at which point I began to notice them everywhere. Soon each day was judged by how many Little Trees I would find. "I found 7 today babe... How lucky am I?!" Soon my lady began to add to this collection and eventually, they lined the walls in our small Brooklyn loft, all the while not knowing why or for what. As soon as I walked into this space last weekend though, it all became clear. So yes, a chronological telling of our year in Brooklyn, as seen through the acid yellow glow of each unique Little Tree package.

These last two shots are of the totally rad display case in the gallery. I am always on the lookout for curious scraps of refuse underfoot. Objects of bright colors, interesting textures, and mysterious function are collected in anything that will get them home to my studio. At this point they spill onto my work table, and begin to cover my walls until they either make their way into the work or get tossed aside to make room for new finds. I have done this ever since I can remember and usually these odd obsessions remain behind the scenes. So you can imagine my excitement when late one night, I was scouring the photographs that were sent to me of the gallery and I noticed this case glowing faintly in the distance. Anyhow, for the first time ever, a collection of such artifacts, both found, and altered, are on view. So let us all contemplate together, the wonders of the universe as revealed through its never ending proliferation of detritus.

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Ann Tindell Keener said...

Awesome! It looks so great in there, I'm glad you didn't get to show us the rest or I would have been extra sad to miss it.... Very nice "little tree" collection as well