Group Show

Howdy Folks,

Its been a while. How are you doing? Well, I hope. Thought I should share some news with you.

First, I have a couple of photographs(one is featured on the invite above) in a group show opening this weekend in New Orleans, LA at a venue called The Front.

Secondly, 5 1/2 years after sneaking out the back door, the kind(sometimes) folks of Brooklyn, NY have let me back in! I'm living in the borderlands of the two very different neighborhoods of Bushwick(Puerto Rican and Dominican flags a flyin' while people play dominoes outside of their makeshift auto garage below) and Ridgewood(actually part of Queens, its streets are filled with smoked meat shops, really good feta cheese, and folks from seemingly every corner of the globe). So, if you are in the neighborhood, by all means, stop on through. Maybe we can go to the Bodega, grab a beer, and hit the roof to take it all in.

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Ann Tindell Keener said...

o thank you for letting me know. Seriously Shane, if I'd known about this show just a week earlier we might have hopped the train to LA. We were tossing the option around, and that could have been the last straw. But alas, we missed it.