Market Value Determines Price

Market Value Determines Price
36 Wooden Rocks w/ Paint
9" x 9" x 10"

After building my recent and first public artwork, Big Bang, I was constantly complimented on the smallest part of that large piece. The tiny wooden rocks that sat at the base of two of the uprights seemed to attract more attention than anything else on the piece.

One night, some friends and I were drinking beers in the studio parking lot where Big Bang stood and once again the rocks took center stage. Only this time my friend Daisy wanted to know how much it would cost for a box of these rocks. I was broke, and needed work, and we haggled back and forth, trying to determine the appropriate value of a box of wooden rocks. Was is a sculpture? Or a collection of childrens' toys? Should those distinctions affect the price of this hypothetical object?

So, I ask you, constructors of the fair market value, what would you pay for a box of 36 wooden rocks?

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