In the Name of Nature

Sequatchie Valley, TN (toppled church)

I drove past this downed church one day last fall, late for work already, but I had to stop. Classic Tennessee folk sporting blue jeans, cut off shirts, and ball caps all stood around drinking their coffee in somber silence as the fog slowly lifted off of the morning.

This house of salvation was once a watering hole for the less godly locals. The couple that lived behind it had other ideas; they would take back this playground from the devil and turn it into good. They were close too. All the gables had been set and they were ready to start skinning the roof. They had even had their first service there over the weekend. The gravity of transition would prove too much however, for the night after the last gable had been set, a devilish wind came through, and rearranged their house of order into one of divine chaos.

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Elspeth Schulze said...

Sounds like we need to have an on-site drink to set things straight. How's the place looking these days- resurrected or returned to the locals?