The Courthouse Lawn...

"Artifact" Mock Up

I am really excited to share with folks the news of my first public piece. This April, Chattanooga will host the first annual HATCH arts festival. Being compared in scale to the famed Spoleto Festival from my hometown of Charleston, HATCH will be a 10 day, city wide celebration of the growing arts scene in my current home of Chattanooga. There will be parades, pop-up performances, gallery shows, an art fair, a sculpture conference, a graffiti skate park built on MLK Blvd. and 10, commissioned "Artifacts"(no relation to my new studio). The Artifacts are, "physical and phenomenal constructions inspired by 10 sites in the 10x10 footprint. Sites are selected for their unique aesthetic and historical significance speaking to the rich and industrial heritage of Chattanooga."

I am humbled to announce that I was invited to make one of these Artifacts. My site, the Hamilton Co. Courthouse, located at a prominent intersection in downtown Chattanooga. I could not be more thrilled to have this opportunity. I have wanted to do a public piece for a long time now, to get my work into the very landscape that inspires it. So, to celebrate this, and share my excitement with others, I will be posting progress of this large scale sculpture on my blog for the next few weeks. The install date is April 13th and until then I will be super busy, but in between breathes, I will do my best to keep folks updated.

And so it begins, with a drawing of what will soon be an actual mock up, which soon after will be a sculpture much larger than anything I have ever taken on...

Wish me luck.

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Kermit said...

Love it Shaners!!! This is all so exciting and I love seeing the progress!