Open Studio

Alas, the time has arrived! After a two years of constantly rearranging the back room of my house to accommodate whatever project was at hand; painting, sculpting, matting and framing, I now have an actual shop/studio. I can leave my tools out, let the saw dust pile, and skateboard down the hall, and most importantly, I can jump as high as I want and not hit my head on the ceiling. Exciting stuff.

My roughly 1,000 sqft. space is a part of a larger collective of crafting comrades in a 4,500 sqft. warehouse nestled between the railroad tracks and national cemetery in downtown Chattanooga. The players are Eric Smith(metal), Jessie Bean(softgoods & sculptures), Anderson Bailey(ceramics), Luke Padgett(film and moto stoke), and, obviously, myself. The space is called Artifact and to celebrate our collaborative excitement, we are having an open studio this weekend and would love to see anyone who might be in the area.

Did I mention that there will be guided tours via electric wheel chair and one on one hockey shoot outs?

Hope to see you there!


Kermit said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!

Lindsey Beal said...

How exciting! Sounds great! Enjoy!