Tired? Pull on in for a good nights rest...

"Permanent Overnite"

16" x 26"

I saw this same sunset on my way back from a frozen photo-excursion out here in Wyoming one day last week. It really was brilliant and that night I came back to the studio and began to lay this out. While working on this imaginary sign, it came to my attention that the owners must be some hardy immigrants (an Indian family maybe?) that were just trying to make an honest living in the rugged west. Touching and re touching the paint job on their sign. Making repairs to the weather beaten wood. Trying to represent a safe and cozy night in a harsh and sometimes unwelcoming landscape. At one point they tried to bolster interest by offering WiFi, but given the recent decline in tourism could no longer justify the expense. They also stopped serving "Free" breakfast around that time but got too many complaints from the few travelers they still hosted, so they once again started to lay out miniature boxes of Frosted Flakes to accompany the half rotten fruit and stale yet still soft danishes.

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