MakeWork Update from the Snowy Nether Regions

Well it has now been almost 6 weeks since the opening for the show in Raleigh and I am finally able to think about life going forward. Here is what has been happening in my southern and snowy environs...

I finally scanned in the last straggling film from 2009. Ironically enough it was the film that I shot last year over the holidays. I have come to realize that my turn around time from shooting the film to processing it, then scanning and posting it is about a year, which is ancient news in today's world of iPhone craziness. To hell with it though, these puppies are built to last.

Hunting Island, SC as seen by my then new Pentax 645 camera

The landscape here was incredible. There was some major erosion happening to the shore and there was essentially part of the beach-front forest that was underwater during high tide. My fam was probably happy that I was so low on film otherwise I might have gone missing.

I also took the time during the recent snow storm to go out and photograph my neighborhood. The same streets that Elspeth and I walk nearly everyday told a different story on Monday. People emerged from their quiet little houses with big wonder-filled eyes, whole families geared up and controlled the streets from their 4-wheeler thrones, and corny boxwood bushes turned into mysterious mounds dotting the brand new landscape. Look for epic photographs of a lumpy boxwood-landscape in about a year...

Woodland Heights Represent!

And last but not least, I have begun a new sculpture. The kind of piece that seems like it was started three years ago, and every sculpture since has been working towards this. No picture yet, but stay tuned...

Oh, yes, and how could I forget. I will be featured in the new arts journal Trachodon. There will be a half dozen or so photographs in their print journal along with my bio and statement. In addition to the photos in their print journal, they will also be featuring a full length interview with additional photographs on their web accompaniment, Cheekteeth. Check em out and support those guys as they are doing a good thing for all of us.

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