Show Opening in Raleigh, NC

I have compiled a slide show of some photographs for the exhibition I just hung in Raleigh. Considering that my folks drove up from Charleston, 3 good buddies flew in from Vermont, New York, and Miami, my brother took a Chinatown bus overnight from Manhattan, and my girlfriend worked her Christmas craft fair from long distance, I would say that the event was one worth remembering. This show had been in the making and in my mind for a long long time and so when we finally left Raleigh and drove into the snow flurries of early December, it felt like I had left a little piece of myself. From as far back as the summer of 2008 this body of work had been brewing and so it only made sense that I would suffer a little postpartum at the end of all this, I just never imagined how strong that feeling would be.

And so, the book has been published, the work has been hung, and I suppose all I can do now is to sit back and wait till I get famous....

Ok, not funny, but click here for the Rebus Works Recap.


valentina said...

the show looks amazing, thanks for posting these pictures.

Treeclimber said...

Congrats Shane! I am very impressed with your work. Looking forward to seeing more of it. -Xin