Your eyes fool you not. Yes we are having an opening with a gigantic cauldron of gumbo, yes that is my recent sculpture at the bottom of the flyer, yes, in a completely new location.

My debut into making a public work has been an incredible opportunity but not one without its share of dramatic bureaucracy. I'll spare you, and myself, from the all the juicy details and just say that less than two days after is was installed, a firestorm did a brew and some folks were made upset by it. Location, content, a breach in the chain of command, etc... all had a play in the sculpture coming down the following day. So, on day 4, less that 1/2 of its initial life span, it was disassembled loaded into my truck, and reassembled at the same studio where it was built. I look forward to being able to laugh about this sometime down the road, but for now, thats all I got.

So come by our opening, and see the appropriately titled Big Bang in its new location as well as many other objects of desire by the rest of our studio pirates. And bring ya cajun appetite ya hear!

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Wally said...

That is bogus man. I'll be thinking of you on Cinco de Mayo