Big Bang

I am at a loss for words this morning. It was a dream weekend that was fueled in part by pizza and beer but more so by amazing friends that happened to be in town for the 4-Bridges Art Festival. While the ladies were showing off their beautiful wares and sending sirens of warm support, their men helped me load, unload, and install this piece as if they themselves had built it. Thanks y'all. And a big thanks to Mr. Luke Padgett who has been making time lapses and still shots of this thing the whole way through.

So quick, go see it!
Fountain Square in downtown Chattanooga next to the County Courthouse.
Up through April 22nd as a part 10x10 and HATCH.

And more documentation to come. Time lapses, installation shots, interviews and such.
Stay tuned...


Kermit said...

Wow, this looks amazing!!! I am at a loss for words, and you know that is rare!!!!

Elspeth Schulze said...

OH, so good. so tall! so so proud.

ChattaData said...

Shane, I just drove by and saw you working on the tear down. I can't believe it. At least I saw it a few times while it was up. Despite what some , well ok one person, say, I think it was a fine temporary addition to "hallowed ground".

Ashley Keener said...

I'm proud of you Shane. You're making good things happen