Back in the Saddle

After a long fall filled with lots of working for other people, I am back to making just for the sake of it. In style I might add.

My current location is at the Brush Creek Ranch outside of the Medicine Bow National Forest in south-central Wyoming. The past few months have been those where I question the validity of this not-so-glamorous life as an artist. Countless hours cobbling together a patchwork existence for the chance at making something that my grandchildren might enjoy. That pessimistic realism always crumbles apart sooner or later though and this time it is my Brush Creek Residency that has shattered this self-loathing to pieces. A 13,000 acre ranch with log cabin studios, a cedar sauna, and dinner that you don't have to cook will do wonders for you soul.

In fitting with my rural location, I also paired down my arsenal of studio gadgetry. I left behind my computer(I am doing this post from the resident's communal office) and various digital counterparts for paper, paint, and some brushes and it feels quite refreshing.

Welcome Trailriders!

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