Collaboration with Marianne Dages

I thought it might be nice to share some images from a project that the wonderful bookbinder/printmaker/artist extraordinaire Marianne Dages and I worked on together. We did this collaboration for a show in Raleigh this past winter.
I sent her black & white prints of basketball goals I shot from the Midwest and Southeast. These prints then served as a starting point for some fantastic paint and collage work she did overtop.
Rather than adorn what was already there, Marianne's color and collage seem to call to question the notion of a goal altogether.

There is even one piece where she completely covered up the basketball goal, with the resulting image leaving you searching for the subject.
And though I am not sure of her conceptual intentions with this collaboration, I am pretty sure that I like them.
Oh, and she also made quite the elegant clamshell portfolio to house these prints. Soon, we plan to print a limited edition run of these pups that would each come in its own hand bound folio.

For inquiries on this project please contact me. Or, to check out more of Marianne's work you can visit her website.

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