MakeWork Update...

This is my Short Term Goals photograph and post.

I received a postcard from myself the other day. Well, I should say that I wrote it but that those amazing grant givers, CreateHere, sent it. During our most recent grants in progress session, they wanted us to fill out two postcards, one with short-term goals and one with longer-term goals. On Saturday the short-term card arrived and on it was written, "...have a local showing of my photographs and sculptures...". Well I am proud to say that in one month from now I will have a show at the fabulous North Chattanooga gallery/record shop/boutique extraordinaire, Leo Handmade. Chattanooga is really lucky to have Leo in it's midst and I am thrilled to be showing my work on their hallowed halls. I am plan to show a series of Painted Prints as well as some brand spanking new mixed media transfers on wood. But don't hold your breath, for the show opens on the first Friday of April which happens to be none other than the first day in April, or is it..?

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