My Boy Eddie B


8 hours before I took this shot, Ed, Mike, Juan, and myself where throwing back whiskey shot after whiskey shot at some place called the Dive Bar in Raleigh, NC. 8 hours later we would be on our way to my show opening at Rebus Works, still fighting off the night before. I just picked up my work from that show a little over a week ago and it is hard to believe that two months has already passed. It is also hard to believe that I got this photograph developed and scanned in that same two months.

Just the other day Ed told me that he had his own solo show coming up this summer in that little town of New York City. He is an incredible painter and has been an inspiration to me since we became friends in the college days of yore. Hopefully I can make it up to his show to deliver an equally impressive hangover to him on his special day...

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