Big O' Prints

I have been waiting for these to come to life since before I ever processed the film. I might go broke making these prints but damn it will be the best broke I have felt. Just dropped off the files with this fella named Chris here in town. He is a Dutch guy, I think, who smokes Camel Filters and has one helluva sweet raspy laugh. Wouldnt trust this job with anyone lesser.

The Bball print will be 30 x 60 inches of goals from Missouri to the Carolinas.

The portrait print will be titled, "East of the Mississippi, Below the Mason Dixson" and is 30x30 inches of, well, just what the title suggests...

And the house print is 26x51 inches of homes from California to Charleston...


nyca said...

These are amazing!

We'd love to print these


Katey Schultz said...

hope to see these live, large, and in person some day in 2010 future!

Dirty Love & fiberglass Smiles said...

hey, I heard a rumor you are back in NY. wondering if its true. drop me a line.
anna from NYC