Some Folks About Town

For a time there I thought I might never take a picture of anything that moved. I thought that everything we needed to know about our culture existed in the objects we built. One day I became friends with this photographer kid named Rush who had all these amazing images of just people that were in his life. Well, Rush became a good buddy and travlin partner of mine and I am thankful that he turned me on to this revelation of the living.

My brother Brandon and his pup Chico. Chico has a sister pup named Allie who was our sisters dog. Chico and Allie are those dogs that end up reflecting their owners to this hilarious degree that only grows more pronounced each time I visit home.

Jesse Dutton in her store, Dutton's Grocery, outside of Knoxville, TN. What you don't see here is her wall of Coca-Cola memorabilia, her huge creepy doll collection, and her styrofoam coffee cup with pick lipstick around the rim.

14 yr old deli worker from an east Tennessee grocery store.

Belle and Beverly tending to their garden in Western North Carolina. I cant remember which is which.

Alvin's hat said, No Money No Honey. He was from New York but followed his family down to Aiken, South Carolina. He was looking for work and they were joining family. After a month down South and no steady job he was waiting for the bus to head back North. It came just a minute or two after we talked.

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Brandon Buckner said...

really nice images. hope your talk w/ mark wood went well. keep in touch. you definitely should try the market. i don't see why your images wouldn't strike a chord w/ people. i'm just glad that i didn't see the typical bridge shot that i see from every photographer in chattanooga.