Memory Jog Romance

So this is some work from this fall that I made at the couple of residencies I was at.

I was working with all this b&w work from the past year. A year that was made up of many highs and lows but all I could seem to remember were, of course, all the highs.

I am not alone in this selective memory, over embellishment, romanticization thing. As far as I know, we all do it.

So I started to paint in the saturated atmosphere that I remembered each place to have. I would begin transferring the key lines from an image to this crazy plastic paper called Yupo. Next, I would summon the color gods to jog my memory of each scene. Then, I would print that image over top of the painting, and close my eyes and wait.

And see where my memory took me.

These are some. There are others, and more to come. Just a little game of memory jog romance.

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