Homes from a Homeless Lens

HWY 1, California

So I am not positive where my interest in the domesticscape originated from. Perhaps it arose due to my itinerant existence as of late or maybe it comes from a general fondness of architecture and its place within the land. Either way, I ended up with a wide range of these scenes from all across our country. It is true that some of my favorite experiences during this summer's bicycle ride were when we would roll into a town or development of some sort. It was then when we could relax a bit, cruise a little slower, and peer into the lives of those who inhabited each settlement, asking myself, "How did someone get so lucky as to live right there, with all that amazingness..." or similarly, "Why the hell would anyone ever chose to live there, don't they know what else is out there..."

But what do I know? I am still homeless and sometimes anyplace is better than nowhere.


KAJ said...

you are there when you get there, though.

Rush said...

Whoa. I love, love the painted fence.