The Central Valley, part III

From Blackwell's Corner to Wasco, CA

So we were told that somewhere around 70% of our nation's produce comes from the Central Valley in California. And we also heard that in some places there is as much as a quarter mile or more of top soil that once ran wild with Jack Rabbits - that is until they were cornered and beaten by prospecting farmers armed with baseball bats... yeesh. What we saw were groves of almond, pistachio, and orange trees, fields of garlic, artichoke, carrots, and onions in a landscape with concrete walled rivers, made up of diverted mountain water from far and farther away. Tumbleweed walls clothed the barbwire barriers that kept passers by from the latino workforce, laboring in the endless groves.

Thanks California, for providing me with the strawberries I had on my cereal for breakfast, the orange I had for lunch, and the almonds I had for a snack, I appreciate it...

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Rush said...

your oil rig picture makes me embarassed to use mine.