One more for the road from the land of Acadiana

Arnaudville, LA

Well it seems as if my time on the bayou is bout' run out for now. I've been down in Louisiana, north of Lafayette, for 2 1/2 weeks and tomorrow lady Elspeth and I will begin the journey to the vast terrain of Northern Wyoming. In stark contrast from here it will be cold and dry and though my allergies will be thanking me kindly it will not be easy to leave this area rich in culture, color, and charm.

Time in Southern Louisiana has been filled with bike rides underneath the sleepy live oaks, walks through the Marigny in New Orleans, and some Gulf Coast crabbing followed by the traditional crab boiling. Also of accompaniment were the gators, the Brahman cattle with their egret counterparts, cardinals, blue jays, rosette spoonbills, gulls, hummingbirds, and of course the mosquitoes. It is also here, in my girlfriend's parent's attic, where I have begun to scan the first of the pictures from this summer's bike ride. I have seen just enough to make me terribly excited for Wyoming where I will have 7 uninterrupted weeks to play with a binder full of Kodak...

This final (for now) set of pictures from Arnaudville is just down the road from where I have been staying. I took these pictures last spring on my first pilgrimage here, not knowing if and when I might ever be back. I am glad to have had a chance to spend more time listening to the accordian and hearing the rain storms and feel good to have one more place in the country that feels like home.

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